Cameron D. Norman

Cameron D. Norman

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Cameron Norman is the Principal of Cense, a consultancy focused on innovation for human systems based in Toronto, Canada. He is a trained psychologist, professional designer and evaluator who works with human service organizations to help them innovate more effectively using data, design thinking, and behavioural science.

Plenary session: Evaluation: The Innovator’s Secret Advantage

Imagine you had something that could help you innovate faster, document what you do, make strategic decisions, improve your current products, and give you the intelligence to see new opportunities and potential threats? You do: it’s called evaluation. The field and practice of evaluation brings a set of methods, tools, and approaches to gathering and make sense of data that supports innovation and documents its impact. By understanding your program, service, or product in the context of how it’s used and how it could be used, evaluation provides evidence to justify innovation and make the process better. In this presentation, Cameron Norman will introduce you to the field of evaluation and draw on more than 20 years experience working with healthcare, education, government, and industry contexts to illustrate how evaluation can be used to support innovation. We will also look at how you can adopt ‘evaluative thinking’ into your work to become better at taking ideas and making them into products, services, and policies that have a real impact.


Breakout Session: Evaluation and The Innovation Toolkit

This presentation will explore some of the methods, tools, and approaches for using evaluation to support innovation. Participants will learn about specific techniques and ways to think about how to measure, document, and understand innovation and its impact. We will also look at the mindset, skillset, and toolset that evaluation can bring to innovation work and how to develop these in your organization. Whether you are designing programs, products, services, or entire platforms of offerings, evaluation can improve the quality of your work and better showcase what you do to others. This presentation will give you a head start in using evaluation to improve the performance of your organization and its innovation potential.